Shattered Kingdoms

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Session 1

Entry 1,
I have convinced a group of travelers to help me in my quest to spread the faith of the Old Gods… I am not sure whether they believe me or not. We left Nor, after joining the Legion of the Eastern Kingdom Proper. We were ambushed by a group of fire giants along the road, luckily we laid waste to the vile creatures…. Also, we encountered an Ancient Black Dragon… A powerful foe that nearly sent us all to meet out Gods. Luckily, we had a bounty hunter who, once the dragon was vulnerable, killed him easily.
We have arrived at Mithas, and the city is under siege. Horde of Orcs, Giants, and other magical beasts swarm the bloody sea of battle. The walls of the castle proper are showing wear… and it doesn’t look too good. The few court wizards who were on the ground fighting looked exaughsted. We are at their whims. May the Old Gods protect us.

Anu, Oracle of Heaven.


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